My Favorite Scenes

 Recently, I was asked about my personal favorite video in which I was the top. That is a had question to answer.  Amoung my favories are’The Anxiety of the Girl Waiting’ with Pixie, ‘Manipulation’ with Sarah Gregory;  ‘Young Wife’ with Sarah Jane Ceylon, ‘ Family Matters’ with Lorraine and Juliet Valentina but tonight I will focus on ‘ Pajama Drama’ with Andi Rae. The scenes that I enjoy most focus in the firm application of hard discipline to a naughty girl’s bottom. In those scenes, I say little and spank lots.

 This scene was special to me. Andi had shown herself very capable of taking good spankings all day, however, this scene was shot after most people had left. She really felt like a girl who had done wrong and awaited punishment after her father came home. She cried and kicked through this hand spanking. I must get her back soon.


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The Pout with Sweet Little Lorraine and Michael Diamond


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