My Letter To Ellen

Ellen wrote:

OK, as major buyer. I have to ask – why do you ignore a large segment of the market – those who like the harder stuff?
I have bought everything made starring Nikki Rouge from DSH and Kelly Payne.
I have bought many memberships from Realspankings just for Lori clips.
I have bought many memberships from Firmhand just for the Michaela clips.

Ellen, Thank you for this question. I need to respond with
                             homework1-1 homework1-2 homework1-3 homework1-4 homework1-5 homework1-6 homework1-7 homework2-1 homework2-2 homework2-3 homework2-4 homework2-5 homework2-6



room2-1 room2-2 room2-3 room2-4 room2-5 room2-6 room2-7 room2-8


                                    hang2-1 hang2-2 hang2-3 hang2-4 hang2-5 hang2-6 hang2-7 hang2-8 hang2-9



                            casual1-1 casual1-2 casual1-3 casual1-4 casual1-5 casual1-7 casual1-8 casual2-1 casual2-2 casual2-3 casual2-4 casual2-5 casual2-6






bouncing2-1 bouncing2-2 bouncing2-3 bouncing2-4 bouncing2-5 bouncing2-6 bouncing2-7


However, this harder material has proven contrversial. Some love it and others hate it. This is my true inclination I need to admit.


Thank you for the question Ellen.

The pics featured above wher the one I could find without looking.



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