Nadia’s Spanking Dreams: Caught Shoplifting




Nadia’s Spanking Dreams: Caught Shoplifting

Nadia White and Bianca Rose








In This dream, Nadia was summoned to Miss Bianca’s office after having been caught shoplifting at the local mall. Nadia couldn’t help but feel a sense of that she had experienced this before. (“Young Teacher” with Ariel Adore) Soon, she found herself over Miss Bianca’s lap for a well-deserved spanking.

Nadia was thoroughly spanked by Miss Bianca who looked much like her roommate in another life. After a sound bare bottom spanking, the brat was placed in front of the picture widow for all of the students to see.




shoplifting1-2 shoplifting1-3 shoplifting1-4 shoplifting1-5 shoplifting2-1 shoplifting2-2 shoplifting2-3 shoplifting2-4 shoplifting2-5 shoplifting2-6 shoplifting2-7


Now a few stills from the movie




shopliftingvg1-1 shopliftingvg1-2 shopliftingvg1-3 shopliftingvg1-4 shopliftingvg1-5 shopliftingvg1-6 shopliftingvg1-7 shopliftingvg1-8 shopliftingvg1-9 shopliftingvg1-10 shopliftingvg1-11 shopliftingvg1-12 shopliftingvg1-13 shopliftingvg2-1 shopliftingvg2-2 shopliftingvg2-3 shopliftingvg2-4 shopliftingvg2-5



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