Neighbor Relations or never be rude to Mrs. Miller




Neighbor Relations


Pandie and Miss Lisa









Pandie was disrespectful to an elderly neighbor so her mother thought of an ingenious way of punishing her. The bratty girl was spanked in a standing position with wooden spoon on her bare bottom. What made this punishment even more humiliating was that Pandie was spanked by the picture window and the elderly neighbor could witness her discipline from her house.



With each swat of the wooden spoon Pandie jumps and wiggles as if doing a dance. Soon, she is promising her mother that she will always be respectful to all of their neighbor’s. After her spanking, Pandie’s punishment is not over. She is made to stand in the kitchen, before the large picture window, with her spanked , bare bottom on display. She is thoroughly embarrassed knowing that she can be seen by the neighbors and her friends.





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One Response to “Neighbor Relations or never be rude to Mrs. Miller”

  • Tim:

    David young Pandie is spanked well by her parent soundly for great disrespect to their neighbour ,best,Tim.