New Direction at PB

As many of you know, Pixie and my brother are both on the disabled list for the forseeable future. Pixie is still our webmaster and photo editor but her illness precludes her from taking part in out productions. So basically you are left to deal with the perverse mind that is me.

At this point I have directed six shoots. Our march production was

written, directed and produced by my brother. I shoot it to his specifications,

I love hard discipline scenes .  My recent shoot with Bronte fit that bill. It is a series of videos in which Bronte is given a spanking each day at detention for sneaking off to Paris while on a school trip. The First video in this series debuted this week.

And, recently I directed a series of videos with the lovely Pi. I added as much gratutitous nudity as possible as she was spanked hard by Veronica and Beverly Bacci

Not to mention our Joelle Series

So, this weekend I will shoot a video with Angelina and a new top named Shannon. Stay tuned.

Let me know what you think.

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