New Era at Punishedbrats began last Saturday

 My brother’s house, and our old studio is now devoid of funiture and all things Punishedbrats.

 On Saturday we shot our first production in a terrific studio. This was a shoolgirl series that featured Joelle Barros, Beverly Bacci and Amber Pixie Wells. What’s that? Yes, Amber Pixie Wells was spanked on camera for the first time since last March.

 I will let Pixie talk about this in two essays.

What could make Beverly look so fierce and have to resort to paddling Joelle’s bottom glowing red?

This! Joelle photoshopped pictures of the school’s staff members to show them in compromising positions.



But Joelle didn’t act entirely on her own. I enabled her terrible prank by providing her access to the faculty photos and paid the price.




From Her blog, Pixie talked about the day.


 got back into spanking action a little bit yesterday at the Punished Brats shoot with Joelle and Beverly Bacci. 




It was only in one scene, but I’m actually really sore today.  Beverly has a solid spanking arm and my poor bottom hasn’t done an on camera scene since March. 




Most of the day I was helping film Joelle’s scenes and leaping around taking photos which I really enjoy.


Beverly sits back and tries to cool down as Joelle kneels in the corner cooling off her bare bottom! 



Truth be told, Pixie and I took turns directing. It is comforting when she is there. We’ve been a team since 2005. Lunch was funny. Pixie, Beverly a Joelle sat at the table and chatted away. It was good to see the queen of the scene hold court again.


For more on this shoot as it breaks click on the image below.







6 Responses to “New Era at Punishedbrats began last Saturday”

  • tim:

    This looks good look forward to it ,plesed to say that i can get on Pixies blog now thank goodness ,best tim.pleased.

  • I think everyone will enjoy this schoogirls in trouble epic. Glad it all cleared for you Tim

  • Bobbie Jo:

    I am soooo happy that Pixie is getting back into the scene she loves so much. I have missed seeing her. Keep watch, David, so she doesn’t do to much too fast! I think, though, she has been taking good care of herself.

    Ah, happy David for once!

  • Pixie was thrilled to do it, but I needed to be convinced this was ok.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    I guess she did a good job of convincing you.

    I saw a good one for you. Erica went to the mall and saw a train that was giving the kids a ride. I think it might be a nice idea for PB to have a slighty bigger train with the same title as the little one: Red Caboose Express. LOL

    Hmmm. Latest headlines: Brats Disrupt Train; Conductor Decides Spanking is in Order

  • tim:

    Thanks David ,young Angelina takes the role of the naughty ballet girl brilliantly her cute bottie gets big spanks from her instructress ,best as always from tim.