New Material and a nice Write Up





I need to thank my friend Dave of The Cherry Red Report for his nice write up about our new brats.


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Speaking of new brats, our shoot with Mandie Rae has been edited. I’m just waiting to review the work, I hope to have the first scene up next week.


Most of you have seen us doing nasty things to Mandie such as having her sit upon a spiked punishment chair on a freshly spanked bottom.





My dilemma in booking her for this shoot was my intent to do hard discipline, but that would squander her cuteness. It was Mandie who came up with the idea of doing both. Two domestic spankings by her father, Mr. Valentine and three scenes at Discipline Camp. Mandie even came up with the name for this series. It is called ‘Three Strikes’. ( nothing to do with baseball)


Here is Mandie being spanked by her Daddy’s large hands.



cute1 cute2 cute3 cute4 cute5 cute6


Stay tuned for this amazing series.


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