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Let’s start with Audrey in a tale called

‘ My Painful Affair with my Stepbrother;


Audrey and David Pierson




Word had reached David that his daughter Audrey and his stepson had been having an affair. David summoned his bratty daughter to meet him at his office.
When asked about the matter Audrey attempted to make up an excuse. ” That kid hanging around our house? I thought he was the new pool boy.”

It was very clear that David was having none of this. He noted that he planned to punish Audrey in the traditional way. Audrey knew that this meant the strap and initial, she protested. She rapidly agreed to accept her punishment when informed that there would be no money coming her way should she refuse.
Soon Audrey found herself kneeling on the couch. She let out a loud cry as the strap landed on the seat of her pants.

Audrey felt humiliated when David bared her bottom and continued the punishment, stopping only briefly to chastise  her regarding this outlandish behavior.

As David landed swat after swat with the strap upon Audrey’s bare bottom she tried to make up any excuse that came to mind. She remembered that David had to spank or strap her on a few occasions before. As this had to do with familial propriety,  this time Audrey was strapped until  tears flowed from her eyes  and while rubbing  her sore red bare bottom, she promised not to behave in such a manner again . Once her spanking was over all that the socialite could do was rub her sore bottom and promise to use better judgement in such familial matters as tears streamed from her eyes 







Audrey is one of my favorite brats. She was the last to shoot in our original studio.


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