News & A Few Thank Yous





It seems that you like ” A Love Rekindled” a lot. Thank  you for all of the kind words.


My gratitude to Joelle ( Brando) Barros who was the inspiration for the series. She wanted to play a Marlon Brando role, as in ” Last Tango In Paris”. ( She coulda been a contender)





The lovely ( and dangerous) Bianca Rose.





And Audrey






I may have written and directed the series, but this was a collaboration between me and three highly creative women.  A lot more  to go in the series and I hope to have the DVD by weeks end.


Monday was my birthday and I am 110 year old.


At midnight Audrey sent me a lovely text.  Joelle and I had been chatting about my birthday all weekend long. At 7.30 pm she sent me a text ” Happy Bday Baby”. That just cracked me up. Joelle is a reserved young woman.  That was great!


Got a message from both Pixie and Mr. Valentine too. Several of you sent me birthday wishes too.


We got a lot more coming your way.


By the way, I got a tablet from my wife for my birthday. Just wanted you to know that our MP4 videos play well on them and Phones. ( Got a new phone too)




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