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Just a bit before I sat down to write this, Pixie sent me a text saying the she finished the ” rough edits” of our first HD shoot with Ten .  Off course this changed what I had planned to write about. She was quite pleased with the quality  of the video and herself. I haven’t seen the queen brat in quite some time. I the words of Mick Jagger..Miss You

 When I closed my brother’s house last December I took into my possesion all of the unedited tapes. ( edited ones too) There are so many crazy things I’d love to show our fans.

Wardrobe Malfunction Day comes to mind. It was the day of Charlie Skye’s first shoot with us. All of the girls had a problem keeping their breasts within the confines of their sun dresses.


I can think of worse things.

I should point out that Charlie had already shot some adult work for Burning Angel.

Speaking of exposed breasts, there was a story in which Holly was babysitting her little sister, Andy San Dimas. You must remember that Andy had shot lots of adult work and would go on to be 2011’s AVN’s  perfomer of the year.

 She was wearing a zebra stripped dress.  As we broke for lunch, my brother was loading the material into the editing computer. Andy took a look and said ” look, my tits fell out’! . She thought it was funny. My brother was always concerned about the girls  modesty. Yeah..I know..makes no sense. Well, he edited the video and in front of Andy’s breasts was a floating tiger stripe.  I swear I almost hit the roof. He promised to fix it, but never did.


        So I hope to go through the tapes and find some of these things. They bring back such fond memories.

Can you imagine what Tina talked about before we jammed that bar of soap into her mouth?  ( Hint: Had to do with her work in porn) More on that next time.

To go to our site and see these ” little innocents ” get spanked just click on the image below.


3 Responses to “News and other strange matters”

  • Tim:

    David ,nice photos ,interesting to hear the early days of P.B. best from Tim..

  • Tom:

    I’d love to see wardrobe malfunctions on Charlie. She’s very attractive and a little peek down her dress would show everyone a nice little peek of her breasts or at least a nice bra shot. If its ok to do a video of the girls in the nude what’s wrong with a little peek of a breast, especially when it’s caused by her squirming too much. Just like the shots looking looking at the girls private parts between her legs, we see that in every picture where the panties are pulled down or removed.

  • She had more than a wardrobe malfunction is a videos entitled the clothes on your back. Shot het naked