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Pixie Says:


A new series coming soon starring two fresh faces, Sydney as the young teacher and Ariel as her troublesome student.




                                        Arielsyd1 arielsyd2


A little behind the scenes: The video from this shoot was lost enroute to Pixie.  So it is being put into another hard drive. First time anything like that happened.


 This was sent to me by Joelle Barros last night.


This was a randon act of kindness. It is nice to be thought of in that manner.


The other day, I had a business meeting with Pixie. In the process I got some good news.


Amber told me that Tina Tink would like to shoot again.



These are pictures from her first shoot.


tt1 tt2 tt3 tt4

I always loved Tina. She always made me laugh. She had this amazing way of saying things . He mouth was ofter way ahead of her brain.


She called herself multiethnic. That’s not exactly how she put it. She called herself a Jew-Toler-ican. She is mostly Hispanic. Puerto Rican to be pricise. She often said that you didn’t know what spanking was until you’ve been spanked by a Puerto Rican Grandmother.

She is also Italian and Jewish.


Now, Tina worked for a years in the porn industy proper. She was known for her capacity for female ejacjulation. ( Squirting).




Tina would often tell tells of her exploits. This ran in opposition to my brother’s fetish of the innocent girl. ( Girl’s are sugar and spice and everything nice)



One day we wrote a story for Tina that made use of her unique turn of phraze. In other words, Tina got spanked by Miss Susan for cursing like a sailor.




mouth1 mouth2 mouth3 mouth4


Now, the end of the story called for Tina to have her mouth soaped. As we were setting us the cameras to shoot that part , Tina let us know that she is a connoisseur of the taste of male ejaculate. With camera’s rolling she told us that she could tell what I guy had for dinner the night before by the taste of his cum. I was laughing so hard, but my brother was shocked. Tina noted that the worst tasting cum was after a guy had taken coke or meth. I thought this a sure addition to Pixie’s preview. Rick didn’t see it that way.


mouth5 mouth6


I guess the Ivory Soap didn’t bother her that much.


           To see Tina and her foul mouth get spanked. Click on the image below. By the way, after one of the whacks Tina let out with a loud “FUCK!”. So I gave her an extra one.



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