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This is again from  This statement was in response to a piece I wrote about the state of our industry.


“Some of the reason for sure is the fact that people feel more surveillanced now and that they can’t use their credit card in a discrete and anonymus way anymore.

Another reason is of course that the quality of the productions must move forward, if the girls back around 2005 looked like playboy bunnys and took very realistic spankings and that material is still out there it’s not going to be the same kick anymore when Amature Spankings are getting the norm.

What you need to do now is to merge some of the companies into one high quality studio.”


Where to start? One thing I will say, is that this gentleman meant well. Lets start with the credit card issue. No one in our industry actually sees your credit card. We all use a prosessing company. CCBILL most comonly.


 I belive that the quality of the videos are quite high. But there is nothing wrong with a little DIY too. Lets see, in 2005  I don’t remember any playboy bunny types.

That was the year that Rosaleen Young ended her time as queen of the spanking scene. I refferred to her as the Rose of London, actually she was from Sydney Australia.





She retired in 2005. i just happened to be onset during her finale. Hardly a playboy bunny.


Inheriting  her crown was Samantha Woodley.





That year Amber Pixie Wells made her debut on July 2, 2005.






All top stars, but not a fake boob amoung them.


As far as for all of us in the industry to form a major studio that could never happen for so many reasons. Geography being but one impediment. We currently work out of a studio in North Wales, PA and my house. Prior to that, we shot at my brother’s house. With the exceptions of  few, large companies in porn valley and the folks in San Francisco, must shoot as we do. People have no idea how this works.


Well, enough of that.


Pixie and Lilly Anna have news:




Lily Anna and I have started doing sessions again in NJ!  Role play, discipline, spanking games, or spanking just for the fun of spanking.  Spank us (light to moderate only), have us spank you, or watch us spank each other!  Single girl sessions are available too on a limited basis.


If you are interested in booking a session with us, please drop us a line at


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