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I have a new partner and this is a person I’ve known for some time now.  My wife Michelle decided that she wants to be part of this. That was one reason she went with me to Boardwalk Badness. We had much to talk about and she wanted to meet some of the folks with whom we work regularly. In truth, Michelle has been a partner from day one. It was our money that started PB. I used say that she was my silent partner who I wished would be a bit more silent.

Actually , she was supposed to be the first brat spanked on camera but couldn’t get herself to do it as my brother would see her bare butt.  I did mention that he had seen it before, but she replied  , “not in that context”.


She had considered doing this after meeting Audrey a little bit ago.  She really likes Audrey and Bianca.   On Saturday , Joelle arrived at our door. After a chat with her that cliched it.  So my thanks to Audrey, Bianca and Joelle for being so charming.


She wanted to be CEO, that job is taken. For now she will be invloved in the monthly finanical work. Although she called my webmaster to ask when his revamp of the archives woud be done.  In truth, it feels good not to be alone in this anymore. Since my brother died and Pixie took a powder I’ve done this on my own ..just me and hired help.


Last night I thanked the group I refer to as ” The Family”.  Adriana, Mandie and Dominic have been such good friends to me for some time now.






Also sitting at the PB table was Lexi







After I left to meet with Michelle on Friday night Dominic ran the PB table.


I also need to thank Mr. Michael Valentine for his terrific work on the graphic design of the DVDS we sold at Boardwalk Badness





Affection Rivals with Joelle Barros and Veronica Bound







Dark Dance Of The Heart with Bianca Rose, Joelle Barros and Audrey








The New Prinicpal with Cadence Lux and Veronica Bound








Mandie’s Tales with Mandie Rae, Dominic King and Audrey







Mom Knows Best with Bianca Rose and Miss Lisa



If you remember we have a special sale going via mail-order.


You can order any PB video for just $15.00

Send check or money order to


PB Productions

PO Box 413

Doylestown, PA 18901


You can purchase the above videos on our store for just $17.00. The Mr. Valentine colllection is a first come sort of thing.


2 Responses to “News and Thanks to my friends”

  • IMLX:

    That’s is wonderful news David!!! Very excited and looking forward to the future of Punished Brats as you and your wife join forces on this project. Sure hope this means all the brats — especially that Ms. Audrey Sugarsmak 😛 — are for lots more spankings.

    I really love this site and all the work you’ve done on it — been catching up on the archives when time allows and there is just so many amazing videos and scenes over the years.

    I wish I could have been at BBW in Atlantic City again this year to chat with you again (it was really a pleasure talking with you and hearing your stories at BBW 2014) so hopefully next year. Sounds like it was an awesome party as usual and you had a great time yourself as well.


  • It’s nice to have help. Michele has some ideas , the poor webmaster caught some hell today