No means No and other random thoughts




Last weekend, Joelle Barros and I had the pleasure of representing Punishedbrats at Boardwalk Badness, a  production of Strictly Spanking.  Mike Tanner and crew did an amazing job. It was fun to see many of my old friends. Sarah Gregory, Ten, Richard Windsor, Leia -Ann Woods ; Keith Jones, Ralph Marvel to name but a few.


I met some new friends as well



The amazing Lucy Mac Lean





And Emma Bishop to name but two.



The event brought the pleasure of working with the very talented Pandora Blake . I have now seen the footage from all of the cameras and I couldn’t be happier.


                                 She is a lovely, intelligent and charming young woman with the proper love  of  just a bit hedonistic pleasure  to go with the pain.



During a break she found a bag of “Butter Finger Pretzels’ and it was love at first bite.  Of course , I will send her a few bags.

She and Veronica got on very well. Watching the footage I was reminded of how much laughter there was on set that day.


Of course there was the pain of being caned on a wet soapy bottom.



Pandora loves this picture from one week ago..and man did my house need dusting. Well something needed dusting, thought it was my house.



Originally, this was to have been a two British girl shoot. Pixie wrote the scripts for two separate tales. Unfortunately, Leia-Ann Woods became ill and had to cancel. Thank God for Veronica.





I was disappointed in not getting to shoot ( as in photograph) Leia-Ann. Going back a few years, I had the such a terrific time walking with Leia-Ann in Olde City Philadelphia, she walking on the cobble stone streets in her spiked boots.

I am hoping to get Leia-Ann back soon. Pixie wrote such a terrific script for her.


 Joing me at Boardwalk Badness was my dear friend Joelle Barros. Everytime I spend time with her she impresses me even more.




 Joelle is beautiful, intelligent and very, very adventurous. She is part Brazilian and speaks fluent Portuguese.  You will find her in Brazil a few times each year. While there just before the holidays Joelle fell in love with this ” beautiful boy’,  ( her words) who she is certain , stole her money. Isn’t that sophisticated?


Over the past few days I became aware of her fluence in cinema. She saw some of the material from our shoot with Pandora and told me that I’m the Bernardo Bertolucci  of the spanking scene. A title most undeserved, trust me. I told her that I was planning on shooting a spanking version of ‘ Last Tango In Paris’. She then told me that it one of her favorite films. I confessed that when I first saw the film, in my youth, I had something of a crush on Maria Schneider. Joelle replied ‘ I still do and I want to be Marlon Brando’. See, as I said, sophisticated beyond her years.


So, what about the ” No means No ‘thing”? Okay, I’m getting to that.


 Have you ever gotten a phone call from that persistent sales person from the depths of hell who just refused to take no for an answer? Well, over the past two weeks I’ve had that, but in the form of a lovely CP model from the UK.


 She had contacted me two weeks prior to the event of last weekend. She wanted to shoot with me before going to Atlantic City. I noted that we had already booked a shoot with Pandora and Leia-Ann. She then proceed to tell me why I should hire her and lose the others. Such behavior doesn’t endear them to me. There is a reason I insist on doing a phone interview for every project we do, whether or not I know the girl.


This nonsense persisted until a few days prior to the Boardwalk Badness event. She called me as I was out seeing patients. She wanted to know when we were going to shoot. ” When fucking hell frezes over’, I thought to myself. I reiterated that I had booked a shoot. Following this, she threw something of a tantrum.


” I will never work with you’!, she exclaimed. Again I thought, ‘ no shit dear’. Later she text me and told me I was rude, among other things.


I am never rude.


Well stay tuned to for more information on our ‘ Maid’ shoot.



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Stealing much from Jimmy Durante ( I know..who?) Good night Danni Hunt, wherever you are.


David Patrick DiMarco Jersey

6 Responses to “No means No and other random thoughts”

  • Leia-Ann Woods:

    Hello David,

    I was soooooooo disappointed to miss the PB shoot, but will blatantly come back to see you, whenever works for you. I look forard to hanging out with you again. As for the other subject, how terrible. Not only was she interrupting your professional life but there is a certain class in accepting a no. I have had them, I think we all have! I am amused the lady in question wanted Pandora and I dumped. Lovely lady! Haaaaaa!

    Anyway, I hope to see you soon,

    L xxxxxx

  • Hi lei a, it was good just to see you at bbw. We will need to shot. Do you have telemarketers in the Uk? That’s what that girls persistent harang was like. Not to worry, I knew you were I’ll. You are a very resilient person.

  • Leia-Ann Woods:

    Yes we do. Latest here is PPI. Oh and accident claims. ARGGGGGHHHH! Oh yes indeed, just keep in touch and we can arrange it to suit your schedule I think works best? It was so good to see you too albeit rather briefly, which is the case at large events, sadly 🙁

  • Leia-Ann Woods:

    Yes we do. Latest here is PPI. Oh and accident claims. ARGGGGGHHHH! Oh yes indeed, just keep in touch and we can arrange it to suit your schedule I think works best? It was so good to see you too albeit rather briefly, which is the case at large events, sadly 🙁

  • Tim:

    That young lady needs a big sound spanking for her bad manners from the 2 girls she allegedly insulted and yourself ,best,Tim.

  • Yes, but such a task will not befall me