No Panties: Thought We Forgot, didn’t you?




No Panties




Cadence Lux and Joelle Barros





Cadence went out to a party without telling Joelle. When Cadence didn’t come home at her usual time Joelle worried about her little sister. She stayed up fretting and gradually fell asleep. It was after three in the morning when Cadence arrived home and attempted to sneak past her sleeping sister. Joelle woke up furious over the worry her little sister put her through. Her anger was exacerbated when she discovered that, under the short dress she wore, Cadence was not wearing panties. Cadence as sent upstairs to put on her PJ’s and then to receive a hard spanking with the leather paddle upon her bare bottom


As her big sister continues to strike her bottom with the leather paddle, Cadence promises to follow her curfew and to always wear panties. Once Joelle believed that her bratty sister had learned her lesson, Cadence was required to stand in the living room with her well spanked bottom on display.







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One Response to “No Panties: Thought We Forgot, didn’t you?”

  • Tim:

    Big sis Joelle has to tame her little sisters ways with sound spankings which seem to work after several ,best,Tim.