Once more From The Top

Today’s update entitled ‘ Orientation’ is something of a departure for us.  Pixie wrote that series  and Julie Simone ran with it. Her headmistress puts one in the mind of a Dickens novel. It was amazing to shoot. Poor little Gianna did a great job as well, as the student transferred from her regular school and into the hands of the sadistic Miss Simone to ameliorate bratty behavior at home and school.




What makes this different is that our brats, no matter the scene, is spanked by someone in a caring role, and the brat deserves the punishment.

For me to be effective on camera I must believe in the role I’m doing. I find playing the role of father, uncle or teacher the easiest for me to do. Office scenes just kill me. I struggle to find a reason a young woman would put up with such treatment. Often, I’m the father of the CEO, or the girl is making so much money it is worth submitting to the punishment.




In the above scene I spanked Audrey. She was the CEO of the company that I funded. She was spanked for not controlling her staff.





In the above scene , I play Pixie’s father who spanks his brat for not getting a summer job.

Veronica refers to her persona as ‘ Mean Mommy’. V’s mean mommy is fearsome to behold.


Her is V, spanking 2011’s AVN winner for best actress, Andy San Dimas in her first adult video entitled ‘Paper or Concert’.


                Here she is punishing a lazy tennis star named Piper.


Giving Pixie the belt.

 Such an amazing talent. V has the internal control that all good tops do.

Speaking of tops, one of the saddest things about Pixie’s prolonged absence from shooting is how we didn’t get more of her topping.

Miss Wells, as I call her topping personna, is not sweet in the least. So unlike her Pixie self.  She is merciless. She spanks hard, with flawless technique.


                       Miss Wells spanking Juliet


                       Spanking Ashley Graham

                       ( Ashely’s Bottom was unmarked before Miss Wells got her her)


                        Spanking Lorraine


                 Spanking Mischa

 I do hope we can get Pixie..er..Miss Wells back. When she writes she has unique insight to both the top and bottom role.

To see our tops in action just click on the image below.


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