Our 13th Anniversay

Punishedbrats started in earnest on July 2, 2005. We our first series on that day at my brother’s loft, he the director and Amber Pixie Wells our star. I spanked the girl at least eight times that day. My brother thought, for him this was a one and done but he loved the process. Two weeks later we shot for the second time and we sold that video to Jennifer Brooks . We were a year away from opening.

A lot of time has gone by since then. After all of these years we are working on upgrading our site and altering our format. On Thursday we will present Gianna Love getting a severe punishment with the meter stick..the entire movie.

Now we are thinking of doing a few things.  We just shot Dark Dance IV with Delirious Hunter and Nadia White. I regard this as one of our major productions. Complicated tale, more than bad girl gets spanked.  I expect scene 1 to come in over 20 minutes.

However we still love shooting bad girls spanked videos too.

My thinking is to show one feature a week from one of our major shoots and one less complicated but straight forward production.

Should you not have seen the photos from Dark Dance IV here you go.


hunter-nadia1 hunter-nadia2 hunter-nadia3 hunter-nadia4 hunter-nadia5 hunter-nadia6


On Thursday this is a sample of what to expect.








One issue in redoing the website is what to do with our beloved older material.  Do we link the old with the new? Videos featuring Pixie, Juliet Valentina, Beverly Bacci and Erica Corvina reside there.

I’m very interested in your feedback on these ideas. One thing I know is that for any of this to happen we need your support and feedback.

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