Our Line Up For Boardwalk Badness






Well kids, my team and I are hard at work preparing for this weekends event at Atlantic City.


In Attendance will be



Joelle Barros

Joelle Barros





Adriana Evans

Adriana Evans





Mandie Rae

Mandie Rae







Do stop by and say hi, if you are going to the Vendor fair.


Will will be Debuting the following DVDS there.


1. Cyberpunk Punished with Penny Stone




penny1 penny2 penny3 penny5 penny6 penny7 penny8 penny9


2. Three Strikes with Mandie Rae



mandie1 mandie2 mandie3 mandie4 mandie4a mandie4b mandie4c mandie5 mandie6 mandie7 mandie8 mandie9 mandie10 mandie11 mandie12 mandie13



3. The Headmaster and The Probationary Teacher




hm1 hm2 hm3 hm4



None of these video have been released as of yet. We will be selling them for $20.00 each at the fair. Now, if you can not be at the fair you can still get any of our videos for the $20.00 price until Monday. To get he videos at that price you need to pay by check or money order


Send your order to:


PB Productions

PO Box 413

Doylestown, PA 18901



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Michael Valentine





Joelle Barros





Adriana Evans





de Mandie Rae







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