Our Sale: Thank You

I need to thank all of those who took advantage of our $50.00 for six months sale.  I should explain that this sale was initially something of a hail Mary pass when we were hot by an amazing amount of piracy and our sales were beyond awful.  I posted the sale on a Saturday afternoon in hopes of salvaging something of the week. It was not to be. I had intended to take the sale down the following day. My wife encouraged me to leave it up and last week proved to be very successful. It was to come down tonight. Over the week I have received many emails asking me to extend the sale. This I   needed to consider. $50.00/6 months is a really great deal.  Once again my wife encouraged me to let it be.


So the sale will go on until May 21, 2017 but I need to end it then.


My thanks to all who have taken advantage of our sale to date.  Well to those who requested an extension you have one week exactly.


Thanks again.


David Pierson

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