Pandora Blake: Pics from last Wednesday’s shoot and many other things





Pixie put this little story togther:


Pretty Pandora came to shoot with Punished Brats this past week.








She played the role of Veronica‘s maid and you know when you’re employed by Veronica, you’re probably going to end up dusting like this.





It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. And I think Pandora is the perfect candidate.





I loved shooting with Pandora and Veronica. I think you will love this.  I showed some of the footage to my dear friend , Joelle Barros.

She loved it. She told me that I’m the Bernardo Bertolucci  of the spanking scene. I laughed, but now I may try a version of ‘Last Tango in Paris’ with spanking.

My good friend ‘ The Chief’ of and owner of


Check out this latest film and see what’s coming with the special appearance of the UK’s very own Pandora Blake (on her way to BBW but stopping off at David’s for a film shoot!) – this looks hot!




                                           The entire series was shot at my house.


I am very happy with the work we’ve done over recent days. Pixie has been writing the most amazing stories and I have been directing.


 In a short period of time we’ve shot


Joelle Barros in ‘ Health Kick’





          Mei Mara in ‘Receptionist’


               firstday2-2 firstday2-1




             And last week ‘Pandora Blake  in ‘ The Maid





Got a few questions as to why the Mei Mara series was released ahead of Joelle’s? That’s easy, Joelle’s previous series is still going.










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