PB News: some good others not so good

Hi There,  a few weeks ago I was hit from behind by some goofball while sitting at at light in which Pixie and I turned left hundreds of times to go to my brother’s loft down by the river. This moron hit me hard enough to cause a concussion. Over my life I’ve had quite a few..the coolest was fall off of a 40ft cliff.  I used to climb a lot.


As i was working at the time I went to the neurologist office my company   sent me too. He correctly diagnosed  the concussion but ordered an MRI. That I did the following day. I was given the CD and my wife, a health physicists for the NRC and a former cancer researcher said this looks abnormal. If you dont want to hear the truth from my wife do not ask..trust me.

That CD sat in that doctor’s office for two week. Got a call on Friday morning from his office staff saying : ” the doctor says that your arteries are connecting with your veins so you need to see this other doctor. ” By office staff I mean non clinical people .  I laughed as that is how blood flow works..Arteries perfuse tissue then pools into the veins…but I knew what they meant . I  have an AVM.  This is a problem with the blood vessels in my brain.  Damn well explains the headaches and tremors I’ve had over the past two years. My prognosis is unclear. Need more tests , then treatment if treatment is feasible.


I have a shoot planned for September 19 and I intend to do that before I do anything. It’s with my precious Mandie and it’s been too long since I’ve seen her.



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In the event of my inability to continue I’ve made arrangements. I just wanted to tell you this. I’m good, I intend to workout and such as normal. I tell you this incase..Incase what?   Well you know…


I was out at the wine bar with my wife. I started the night with a tremendous headache. I thought my wife wouldnt bother me if I had three glasses . She killed me at 2. I can’t get a break!

The wine helped my headache by the way.


When I get up tomorrow I intend to prepare tomorrow night’s update.







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