Perspective: Things that I’ve learned

I honestly love what I do here at Punishedbrats.  One the major joys of doing this has been becoming friends with the intelligent young ladies who are or have been our brats over the years. I am often asked if I’ve had any bad experiences with any of the girls with whom we’ve worked.

The answer to that is , of course. We’ve been shooting since 2005.

Pixie and I have had our disagreements over the years. I remember that she was less than happy with me on the day this was filmed.


Disagreements between Pixie, Rick and myself were always seen as family squabbles.

Working with an unpleasent model is something else.

 I believe it was in early 2006 when I flew a model named Genesis in from LA for a shoot. To say that she was difficult would be an understatement.

 She had a copy of the scripts and was aware that I would be topping. What made that day even more disappointing was the fact that I had shot her at Clare Fonda’s house and she, Pixie, Claire and I had a great time.

From the very beginging I could tell that she ( to quote Elvis Costello ever so loosely) would rather have been anywhere else than there that day. Over my lap that is.





The looks on her face are quite real. My brother thought this was quite funny.   Said it made a great video. I didn’t..not one little bit.  The only thing that made her happy was the money she made.

I took Genesis and Pixie to dinner, just wanting to get the fuck out of there.

  How would I deal with that today?  I would not have proceeded with the shoot. I had already sprung for airfare and a hotel. I’d have called a cab and off the Philadelphia International she would have gone. I’ve learned that despite ones best efforts, you can’t please everyone.  I have never gotten an apology or a explanation for her egregious behavior.

I made it clear  several years ago , that I an the owner of Punishedbrats.  ( People often thought that Pixie was a financial partner. She is a creative partner in brats and has much to say about what we do.) If you have a problem with me, then you need to look elsewhere for a gig.

Over the years Iwanted to create a place in which our brats  have a pleasant ,if a somewhat painful, time. Many of the girl we worked with returned many times, becoming part of the family


                                Beverly Bacci


                                 Juliet Valentina


                                   Lily Anna

Plus many new friends such as


                               Joelle Barros






                             Gianna and Julie Simone

I’ve been very fortunate over the years. I’ve met so many amazing people.

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7 Responses to “Perspective: Things that I’ve learned”

  • Tim:

    David ,yes P.B. has had a lot of lovely young girls being spanked over the years ,best,Tim.

  • Tim so many more too. Vanessa, holly , and a young andy San dimas.

  • Dan:

    That’s rough, David. I suppose it comes with the territory but it can’t make for a good working environment to have someone who doesn’t want to be there. In your business, I assume it can really only really work out if all parties involved are fully invested, emotionally and psychologically that is, not financially.

  • Hi Dan, that is true. What made that day so awful was that I had worked with her in california before that and we got on fine. Since then , i require a phone interview with all models for our projects even if we had worked before. If I perceive a lack of enthusiasm for a shoot that person will not be hired. We have been very fortunate over the Years . But pixie, Rick and I always worked hard on the producing side.

  • Tim:

    Yes David to make it a great site ,hightly thought of ,best from , Tim.