Pierson’s Picks



We call this compilation Pierson’s Picks. I was asked by several of you to do this for ages. This is me playing father to these lovely brats. Mostly just hand spankings with the exception of Manipulation with Sarah Gregory.



Clearly one of my all time favorites is a small movie that I shot with Pixie. We had been shooting a lot of cute material and she wanted less taking and more spanking. So I wrote a story that had no words  but a lot of communications.

The Anxiety Of The Girl Waiting




There are no words in this video except the plaintive cries of the girl being spanked. Pixie has been sentenced to a spanking and anxiously awaits the arrival of her father. A severe bare bottom spanking awaits.


anxiety2 anxiety3 anxiety4 anxiety5 anxiety6



Manipulation was a story that Sarah and I had worked together. Prior to this movie she had yet to work with a male top. I love how this came out.





Sarah has been pitting her parents against one another, manipulating them so that she always gets her way. When Susan and David realize they’ve been used in this way, David takes control of the situation by taking the brat over his knee for a punishing spanking with leather paddle that leaves Sarah in tears.


man2 man3 man4 man5 man6 man7 man8 man9

Loved shooting Brat Spat in which Bronte and Lily Anna played sisters misbehaving while their father was working earning each a spanking.

I will always remember Lily Anna saying  half-kiddingly ” What did I do to you people?!’ She cried all through this scene.




Brat Spat


As David was on the phone trying to conduct business, his two daughter’s bickered over a shirt. David excuses himself from his call and gives Bronte a severe hand spanking. As Bronte was being spanked she was taunted by Lily.

brat2 brat3 brat4

Lily anna didn’t see it coming, but should have. Once her father finished spanking Bronte, he takes Lily Anna over his lap and spanks her to tears


brat5 brat6 brat7 brat8 brat9


Curfew violation was such a great scene because I had a reason to spank Miss Lily Page.  When she first shot with us she was but 18 years old . I usually do not shoot with girls that young unless they have done other work. Andy San Dimas and Charlie Skye were both in that category. Well Lily lived at home and her mother wanted the phone number of the adult chaperoning this party. Believe it or not her mother called me. So it was about a year later, Lily lived outside of her mother’s house so we thought we’d give it another try.

Mother did not call, but this child had an asthma attack  and her inhaler was empty.  I spent the later part of afternoon obtaining the needed medication and giving her chest physiotherapy . I didn’t think we were going to shoot the final scene but she insisted. I told her that this spanking was really for not properly caring for herself. Helped clear her lungs.

Curfew Violation




Lilly Page had been warned time and again, not to violate her curfew. When she arrived home at 3am she was shocked to find her father waiting for her. She was more shocked when he gave her a very sound spanking. Her begging and pleading didn’t spare her bottom.



curfew2 curfew3 curfew4 curfew5 curfew6 curfew7

Pajama Drama was so much fun. I did the silent spanker thing. Andi found it disconcerting. As it was the final scene of the day the only people left was Andi, myself and my bother. She really let go when we were alone.


Pajama Drama




Andy was instructed to go to her room, get ready for bed and wait for her father to get home. Andi knew that she was in for it this time. When her father arrived her PJ bottoms were lowered and a hard hand spanking was administered.


pd2 pd3 pd4 pd5 pd6 pd7


Board Meeting was only the second time that I spanked Audrey. I had spanked once before. Audrey seemed to be shocked by the intensity of the spanking. The look on her face is amazing. When I finished spanking her she had sweat through her shirt. A great scene, but with Audrey could it be less.



Board Meeting



David may agree that Brittney is a big problem, but he’s displeased with Audrey not being able to effectively manage her nor notifying him of the issue earlier. He takes the very shocked Audrey over his lap for a spanking as Brittney peeks from her position in the corner. David leaves both the company brats, Brittney and Audrey, in the corner together to figure out their differences.



bm2 bm3 bm4 bm5 bm6 bm7












Well I hope you enjoyed this presentation. If you have ideas of special things you would like to see just contact me here or davidpierson@punishedbrats.com


This series focused on classic material as had been requested. The most recent being Board Meeting which is a bit over 5 years old.


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