Pin -Ups 2: lots of buzz






Last night we posted part 1 of Pin-ups 2 with Audrey and me. This  story was not planned in advance. Audrey and I knew we were going to shoot a scene but what we were going to shoot was not known.


I loved the Pin-ups story with Audrey and Mandie







Both girl’s left in a huff when the photograper was doing something nasty in the corner. She Audrey and I decided to follow up that scene with her being spanked by her sleezy agent.

Honestly, why I didn’t put on decent clothes  for the scene I’ll never know? We were shooting in my house . I look more like her pimp than agent.







We were off to a strong start as her breasts fell out of her costume immediately. Can’t go wrong there huh?


Audrey was all over Twitter talking about the shoot.

  1. @MValentine50 @davidpierson nothing but class! Do you see that look when he slapped my thighs? Bad agent lol

    What Audrey is saying is that I smacked her thighs during her spanking. Not her favorite thing and I am known to do it on occsion..quite often actually .

    I have visual evidence

    pinups2vg1-6 pinups2vg1-7 pinups2vg1-8


I say it’s sort of in-between. The best part is that it got a great reaction. Now she is going to kill me.


We are so happy that so many of you liked it.



You can find this scene on DVD ” Mandie’s Tales”


Now if you are anywhere near Philadelphia and you want to session with Audrey you should. She is amazing



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