I just want to address this issue briefly.  I am far too happy with the work that I and my associates have been doing to let this get to me.  I noticed that after many weeks of very decent sales, this week was off. There is a pattern to this when this problem is borne of those stealing our material. I asked my DMCA folks to look into it and what do you know. Yes, there was a zillion of our videos posted all over the place.


For those ” enjoying” our material on the ” free ” places, would $19.00/month kill you? You pay more than that to park you car in any major city..or minor. You surely pay much more than that for a tank of petrol. Intentionally, from the year we opened as a pay site we kept our prices low. I figured that keeping the prices low would make us accessible to more fans.


We now have the names of a few of the pirates and we are going after them.


A few weeks ago I saw a film called ‘Don Jon’. I was about a guy, who, despite having a way with the ladies, preferred porn to real women. Interesting premise I thought. Then this asshole went to a free site to jerk off. Most of the material there is stolen. The people in Hollywood hate it when there stuff if ripped off. Well, so do I. I hate it because I can’t do this without fan support. The girls in our videos don’t do this for free. I hate it because Pixie doesn’t work here full time anymore. While she was a partner, and i had no need to release her, I could no longer pay her what she needed to live on. So all FOP’s ( Fans of Pixie) you should support us.

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