Pixie Returns: It Wasn’t easy



I wasn’t going to say much about today’s shoot. I am bone weary. Pixie returned and shot three scenes with Audrey. Yes, Audrey not Tara. Until about 8am this morning it was to be Tara.  I should say that I had been stressing all week about the Tara booking. This was done over two months ago as I was told that she was embarking on a tour.  We shot on a Sunday , and we never shoot on Sundays, to accommodate Tara. What I didn’t know was that her shoot with us was at the tail end of a tour. That scares me. Why? Lots can go wrong. My fears were heightened when Tara called me and said that I would need to pick her up at 9:30pm at 30th Street Station. That means she gets to the hotel at 10:30pm. I get home later.


As I said, I was stressing all week. My first fear was that there would be an issue with transportation . To be on the safe side I had a model on call ready to come down should Tara not make it.   I picked Tara up at 9:30pm last night, got her to the hotel and all was right with the world. I called the model in question and told her that she was free to get marked up. She is a hardcore player and was at a party. I just have to say that something just felt strange about this all week. My friends Joelle Barros and Audrey kept me sane. This was the return of Amber Pixie Wells ( actually Miss Wells when she is topping) and I didn’t want anything to go wrong. Audrey was aware that I was a camera person down and offered her services. She was also the backup to my backup.


At 8am I get a call from an exceedingly upset Tara. It seems that she lost her wallet on the train coming up from DC .  I drove to the hotel and the two of us looked everywhere. There was over $1000.00 of cash in that wallet.  It was never found. Tara was too upset to work so Miss Audrey stepped in happily to work with Miss Wells. She just loved screaming at the top of her lungs as the powerful strokes of Pixie’s hand, belt and hairbrush landed upon her bottom.

I honestly believe this, Miss wells is the hardest female spanker I know.

Audrey also worked two scenes with Michael ( big hands) Valentine . The poor kid could barely sit as I drive her home.


Audrey is one of my dearest friends. She was terrific. She faced the power of Amber wells and survived.


I am just going to post a few pics here for you to get a flavor of the shoot.


I am very tired.


Audrey posted this to Twitter


AudreySugarsmak     ‏@AudreySugarsmak 7h

Unexpected default spanking shoot today with @davidpierson Punished Brats! @amberpixiewells is no joke…ouwieeee!














I think this shoot should be called ” Audrey Saves The Day”.

3 Responses to “Pixie Returns: It Wasn’t easy”

  • Tim:

    David this will be good with Pixie back at P,B,,well done to Audrey taking over at short notice ,great girl ,best from ,Tim.

  • Mark:

    David, sorry you are so weary and I hope Tara finds her wallet (although I suspect the chances of getting the money back are slim). Great kudos to you and Audrey for coming together and making it happen! Delighted that Pixie is back as a physical presence at Punished Brats!


  • Thank you both..thanks to miss wells