Pixie: Take it from the top

Most of you are familiar with sweet little Pixie getting her bottom spanked from a variety of tops. Over the past few months Pixie has done several scenes from the top position.  In fact, from the top,  Amber Wells’ disposition is anything but sweet.  The first to feel her wrath was Mischa in a video entitled ‘ Discipline Room’. Pixie was the school disciplinarian who spanked bratty Mischa’s bottom a crimson red.

 Mischa was genuinely surprised by the severity of the hand spanking she suffered at Miss Well’ hands. Pixie noted ‘ I spank as I like to be spanked….hard!”




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2 Responses to “Pixie: Take it from the top”

  • Kelly:

    No kidding! I had a bottom session with your resident Queen Brat last year. My entire bottom was shades of purple for about 9 days. Of course I nearly made her eardrums bleed with my foul mouthed retorts during our teacher/obnoxious student role play scenario. Miss Wells ordered me to the corner where I grudgingly occupied for a brief moment before I turned around and flipped her off, mooned her and was promptly lead back into spanking position for a heavy duty dose of a monstrous wooden holed paddle! :) :)

    She indeed DOES love to spank as hard as she takes and I LOVE to get spanked the same way. You PB tops created a “monster”. But a very very fun one.

  • Kelly:

    Oh and might I add ALL of the punishment spankings I’ve received have made me VERY sore and sit challenged for several days after. But immediately following, initially I can sit. This time was different. After putting my clothes back in place and attempting to sit, my ass was already swelling and bruised and I had to lie face down for a few minutes. You should have seen the sheer look of glee on MISS Wells’ face. Oh how nice it would be for you to give her the same just punishment for laughing at my compromised sit status! :) :)