PJ Spanking The Entire Story



Pajama Spankings

Bedtime spankings, early morning spankings, pajama clad bottoms, and naughty girls in nightshirts. You can be sure these brats will be sleeping on their tummies tonight.



  1. Get It Over With



Beverly Bacci and Claire Fonda



Beverly is sure her grades were terrible this semester and can’t stand waiting for her inevitable spanking from mom any longer. She asks her mom, Clare Fonda, to use the hairbrush on her pajama clad bottom even though her semester grades won’t be out until tomorrow.




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  1. Family Meeting



Jessica Simmons, Amber Pixie Wells; Holly Dey and Miss Susan






Susan has had it with her three daughters’ behavior. Completely fed up, she decides to take a page straight from ‘The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe’ and spank Jessica, Pixie, and Holly each soundly and send them to bed.






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  1. Stepfather’s Rights



Chloe Elise and George Richards






With her mom out of town, Chloe thinks she can do whatever she wants. She is getting a big kick out of taunting her stepfather, George, about the fact that he can’t discipline her until a quick call from Mom changes all that.


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  1. Homework Fairy


Andy San Dimas and Amber Pixie Wells





Andy thought her prayers were answered when the homework fairy started doing all of her school assignments, but when she gets too demanding, the fairy sets her up to get in major trouble with her dad Tony.



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  1. Sleepytime



Samantha Grace and David Pierson



Samantha is having trouble sleeping. She has heard that a firm spanking will sometimes help a person get a good night’s rest and asks her father, David, to spank her. When he hesitates, Samantha confesses to a number of recent misdeeds that are more than deserving of a red bottom.




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  1. Pixie’s Pranks



Amber Pixie Wells and Claire Fonda






Pixie’s mischievous side is in full swing as she repeatedly hides her mother’s belongings to make her think she’s losing her memory. When she’s caught in the act red-handed, her mom Clare Fonda gives her a red bottom to match.



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As I look back on this collection it brings back so many fond memories. I am certain that my brother Rick wrote five of the six videos in this series. Homework Faery  is funny and Pixie loved to shoot fantasy pieces. Andy couldn’t have been more than twenty years old. Who knew that in 2014 she would win the AVN and Xbiz awards for porn performer of the year.

We hope you enjoy this collection. By the way, in researching this I found a video with Sarah Gregory and Veronica which is hysterical. I hope we have it on our sever. (just looked–we do)


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