Preview pics from Recent Shoot

Narration by Pixie

Lily and I got a chance to spank sweet Lorraine …



? ?

But not to worry. We didn’t get away unspanked ourselves
?Stay Tuned to for more.

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3 Responses to “Preview pics from Recent Shoot”

  • Mark:


    That is also one of my favorite scenes. Andie really sold the “waiting in dread” for her father to get home. I have no objection to some toplessness as just additional titillation (no pun intended) but this is an example of where it contributed a great deal to the scene. The expression on her face while she was removing her clothes and putting on her pajamas….It seemed to reflect that each article of clothing that she removed and then replaced with PJs was getting her that much closer to her bottom being thrashed.

    The shot of her looking over her shoulder at her glowing bottom, was also great. PB has done some great stuff with many beautiful models, but I think if I had to pick, that would be my favorite still of them all.


  • There are certain vids that I love doing. Pajama Drama was one that fit me. Love Andie too