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I haven gotten so many compliments on last night’s update I can’t tell you.  The story is called ‘ Dress Code’ and was written and produced by Mr. Valentine


Here are a few pics that people especially liked .













My favorite is this one







I’ve gotten 1001 questions about our DVD sales. For right now, if you want to use a credit card you must use our videos for sale store. I’m not happy about this as the Clips4sale people take a ridiculous amount of money from each of our sales. A gentleman purchased two DVDS yesterday at $30.00 each. We made $48.00 .  The bank that we were using for the past year and a half suddenly wanted to hit us with a large , one time fee. Large being the key word there.  We have lots of options, but each one means lots of engineering changes to our DVD process. If you go to our DVD pages, you will see that the last two DVDS posted were ‘Audrey’s Punishments ‘ and ‘ At Home with Pandie’.  Pixie was kind enough to build those pages.  I have a new, relatively speaking, webmaster who hasn’t built those pages before.


I have posted to our videos for sale store everything we have ready.







For some reason, we never posted the preview video for this one. We will this Sunday.  our ‘Three Strikes ‘ DVD is available on our Videoforsale store. Just click on the pic of Mandie to go there.






Also available is ‘ Cyberpunk Punished’ with Penny Stone and my crew.






If you click on Penny’s picture you can see the preview



Also posted is ‘The Headmaster and the Probationary Teacher’. No video preview for that right now but I will remedy that on Sunday.




past1-6 past1-7 past1-8 past1-9 past1-10




‘What I learned at my Aunt’s House ‘ is also for sale.

Featuring Laci Star and Veronica Bound





Click on the pic of Laci and V to see the preview video.



To purchase any of our videos just go to








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