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Wow, have I had better days than today. It was actually yesterday as I write this. It was back in early July when Intuit, our credit card processing company for the sale of DVDS ceased doing business with us.


For the past few weeks, I have been working with a company called Netbilling. Got them off the AVN site as adult friendly. Today they actually turned us down. I was told that there was too much blood and incestuous activity going on.


I could only laugh. So late this eveing I called a few other companies that actually have adult in their title.

I am not sitting by waiting. I will be looking to network with other companies in the mean time.


For now, you guys have the chance to buy DVDS at a very low price.  Our DVDS are onsale for $25.00 each. That price includes shipping.


The only catch is that you need to purchase via mailorder. So send a check or money order


PB Productions

PO Box 413

Doylestown, PA 18901


Check out all 57 titles here



Here is an order form.






In other news: Do you recognize this lovely woman?





She worked for us a few years ago. Now is looking to make a PB comeback.


So ‘Who’s that girl?’.


On the Business front: Just call me David ( anything for a buck) Pierson.  Hell, for the right money you can beat me, strap me, whip me and that’s just the things I like. I’m only partially kidding.



 I am looking to innovate and I need your help. What are you looking for in a spanking website that you aren’t currently finding.

 Since the tragic loss of my brother and Pixie’s illness, I’ve been shooting the videos. My style is a bit more aggressive and explicit. I do try hard to shoot good video and take the best pics.




                      busted1-1 busted1-2 busted1-3 busted1-4 busted1-5 busted1-6


That is not to say that I don’t screw up from time to time. I give Pixie a lot of work to do in editing the series with Ariel and Sydney.

 My day started with cutting the hell out of my finger while putting up a light. The most egregious error was the fact that this scene started with Ariel getting her hands strapped. Are their pictures of this. No, no there aren’t. I guess we could do sreen shots but it is not the same.



I intend to do much better this Saturday when I shoot Audrey and Pandora Jones.


missjones1 Missjones2 missjones3 missjones5


Audrey will be spanked by Pandora. I will be shooting this at my house.


I am looking to network with other’s with whom PB has a natural synergy.



One such arrangement could be with my friend Joelle. When I call her a mogul, I’m not kidding.


By the way, I think this is one of the best pics i’ve ever taken.




 I love this one too. Just a bit nasty.



I am very interested in your feedback. I intend for PB to prosper.  Develop new product lines and new ways of selling our material.

Tell me what you think/

Email me at davidpierson@punishedbrats.com

If you are interested in producing a video, just email me.



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11 Responses to “Punishedbrats News and notes and DVD sale”

  • Tim:

    David what a stupid excuse they gave you ,yours is a classy good natured site ,yes who is that pretty girl ,very nice ,best from ,Tim..

  • You have to guess. But I left a hint on the posting

  • fuzzy_duck101:

    I think the girl is Amanda Rose, filename is amandanew.jpg. Am I right

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Blood?! Incestuous activity?! Say what?!!! I guess they really didn’t look at your work. I agree with Tim. You have one of the sanest sites with class.

    I have an idea for the identity of the mystery lady on the beach. Later.

  • Ellen:

    You should be able to mimic the hot spanking websites.
    DSH makes huge profits..
    He has no competition. None.

  • Blood and incest that’s us. Going to go with that name. That would go over big

  • Ellen, we are all hurting including dsh. Spoke with the man myself.

  • Tim:

    yes a good photo of a pretty girl to be spanked ,best,tim.

  • Ms Ash:

    Oh my goodness, is that Amanda Rose?? I was in love with her when she first showed up on your site, haha.

    Her “kicked out of dorm” video is still, honestly, my favourite of all time. I don’t know what your shoot plans are, but I’m sincerely hoping there are more “Mommy”/daughter OTK scenes with Victoria in the offing!

    And, just a general comment: keep up the great work, David! Your dedication is impressive and admirable!

  • Ms Ash:

    And by “Victoria”, I obviously meant “Veronica”. Good grief. It’s Friday and it’s pre-coffee, that’s my excuse!