Rent a Mom 2.0 Setting Limits: don’t disobey your rent a mom



Rent A Mom 2.0 Setting Limits








After their rocky start, Veronica sat down with Ami to go over the rules. That night, Ami was supposed to have attended a study group but went out drinking instead. The next morning the nerdy college freshman was awakened by a hairbrush wielding rent-a-mom. A dazed Ami didn’t know what to say or do as she was taken over Veronica’s lap until the hairbrush began finding it’s target over and over.


With the hairbrush landing repeatedly upon Ami’s exposed and rapidly bruising bottom she could do little but promise to be good and beg Veronica to end her punishment. After her spanking was over, Veronica instructed Ami that she had less than an hour to get to class and she was not to be late. All Ami could think of was the pain of sitting on the hard wooden chair and suffering through a two hour lecture on photosynthesis.






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A few video grabs too




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