Rent A Mom: The Trillogy


This was quite the surprise. My new partner came up with the concept of this video or videos. Always wanted to do this as a series.


So here is the preview video.



Rent-a-Mom Trilogy

The Rent-a-Mom service has been handing out spankings to naughty college girls living away from home for years. Their correction expertise covers everything from low grades to bad habits like smoking cigarettes and drinking while underage. Panties are pulled down and bottoms are tanned in these feature presentations.

Rent-a-Mom 1: Featuring Susan with Beverly & Sarah

Beverly & Sarah learn a hard lesson across their bare bottoms when Susan is dispatched to correct their indiscretions.

Rent-a-Mom 2: Featuring Chelsea Pfeiffer with Pixie & Holly

The Rent-a-Mom service dispatches Chelsea Pfeiffer to handle Pixie and Holly after their mothers have received reports that these two are not conducting themselves as proper young ladies.

Rent-a-Mom 2.0: Featuring Veronica & Ami Mercury
Ami was granted permission from her father to live off of campus when she entered the university. She was always known for being something of a nerd. She hoped to throw and attend many of the parties and become a “cool kid.” What she hadn’t counted on was that her father had hired a Rent-A-Mom, a woman who would live with Ami, clean the house, prepare meals and, when necessary, provide discipline .


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