Reporting To Professor King: extra credit?



Reporting to Professor King


Adriana Evans and Dominic King



Adriana was summoned to meet Professor King in the instructor’s health center. Professor King informed the shocked college girl that he was aware of the cheating that went on during the recent mid term and that she would take a hard spanking or face expulsion. Adriana was surprised how much her punishment hurt. She nearly panicked when Professor King exposed her bottom, but soon the pain took away all worries about embarrassment.


After her spanking was completed, Adriana was placed in time out next to the weight machine as Professor King completed his work out.




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Now a few video grabs



kingvg2-1 kingvg2-2 kingvg2-3 kingvg2-4 kingvg2-5 kingvg2-6 kingvg2-7 kingvg2-8 kingvg2-9 kingvg2-10 kingvg2-11 kingvg2-12 kingvg2-13 kingvg2-14

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