Rich & Spoiled Wife- A Favorite Video

This one goes back a few years. We hired fetish superstar Sarah Jane Ceylon for one of our shoots. Sarah was accompanied by her husband, Cyd Black. At that time they ran the production company known as INSEX.

 Sarah’s last scene of the day was with me in a story about a young wife with a pediliction for spending money in excess. It was to be an intense scene, but was made more so when Cyd  handed my , the ever so nasty, hairbrush paddle. A vile wooden implement. I remember being deaf after this one as Sarah screamed at the top of her lungs throughout.

 Shorty afterward, Sarah and Cyd moved to San Francisco and sold  INSEX. I hope that it wasn’t something I did.




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3 Responses to “Rich & Spoiled Wife- A Favorite Video”

  • Kelly:

    One of THE hottest most exciting spanking videos I EVER watched. I felt compassion for Sarah when she started screaming. The large bruises made me feel for her. BUT I loved how you ensured she learned a most thorough lesson. When she tried to squirm away, you kept pulling her back toward you. You didn’t let up one bit. I much prefer punishment spankings-especially when I’m getting them over the playful or erotic ones.

    Curious as to how long she sported the bruises and also how many days her bum hurt. My longest record for sporting bruises has been 10 days-soreness is 8.

  • Dana:

    There have been many great PB scenes, but this was one incredible video. Off hand, I can’t think of another pure spanking vid that seemed more like realistic spanking punishment. Despite the fantasy of the situation, it caught the intensity one should expect if it were real. I really like Sarah Jane’s look for, and acting the part of, a spoiled princess. There was such a marked transformation of demeanor as she was learning her lesson over your knee. You were very solid in the husband role. It was an authentic, hard, bare-bottomed spanking both with the hand, and then with a solid-looking little paddle. Sarah didn’t hold back at all on her reaction, completely uninhibited to let go her emotions for the camera. Just a very powerful scene that never became self-conscious, as if we were witnessing a real and uncompromising event.

  • That was a very real spanking without one cut. She was sore for a week. Her husband was sitting just off camera