Room Inspection : Education with Rigor


Julie Simone and Gianna Love


Ms. Simone finds cookies and racy magazines in Gianna’s dorm room during a routine room inspection. Neither snacks nor inappropriate media are allowed in the girls’ room. Gianna, still dressed in her pajamas, is dragged into Ms. Simone’s office for a hairbrush spanking.

The heavy wooden hairbrush leaves Gianna’s bottom sore and well marked. As if that weren’t enough punishment, she’s made to kneel in the corner and watch helplessly as Ms. Simone samples her cookies.


























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Okay kids, I know, we had a little issue with the pix. I’ll have the full size pix tomorrow after the Pixie awakens.


 This scene still stuns me when I see it and I filmed it. Pixie wrote the story but the performers made this scene their own. Julie spanked the living hell out of Gianna with the large hairbrush. The cookies in question in the story were Christmas Cookies sent by G’s mother. Still not allowed. Julie surprised us all, mostly Gianna when she sat on her to quell her writhing. After the spanking I  had Julie put little G in the corner. What surprised us all most was when Julie ate Gianna’s Christmas cookies. It was a moving scene.

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