Room Restricted- Adriana’s Turn




Room Restricted -Adriana’s Spanking







After the girls were soundly spanked and diapered, they were sent to their rooms and were not to come out for any reason. After a time, Adriana made her way to Ava’s room. At first the girls sought each other’s company for consolation after the humiliation they had suffered. Gradually they relaxed and began to talk and laugh. Unfortunately for them, their daddy heard this and found them together. Ava was the first to be spanked. After a few hard spanks to her diapered bottom, her nappy was lowered and her powdered bottom felt the sting of the strap.


Once her strapping was completed, Ava was re-diapered and sent to stand in the corner while her sister now suffered for her disobedience. Adriana’s diaper was lowered and she was taken over her daddy’s lap for her strapping. Adriana is usually as stoic as possible during her punishments, but she could not maintain her composure for this punishment. Perhaps it was the humiliation of being diapered and spanked for the third time that day. As the strap came down on her bared, powdered bottom, she cried and pleaded and promised to be good. Once her punishment was over both Ava and Adriana were instructed by their daddy to get back into bed and not get out for any reason until he came to get them tomorrow. He noted that they were dressed properly for their bed restriction. Of course as each girl went to their respective beds they both had to pee.



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Now a few stills from the movie


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