Roommates Debate



Roommates Debate


Amber Pixie Wells and Beverly Bacci





Beverly was tired and upset with Pixie after having to cover another extra shift for her negligent roommate. Pixie’s time that evening was spent with a boy while Beverly slaved at the eatery. When Beverly attempted to express her displeasure with her friend, Pixie responded “Hey, you’re not my mom.” Beverly remembered that Pixie had told her how her mother would treat her when she misbehaved at home. Soon Pixie found herself over her roommates lap with a large wooden spoon striking her bare bottom.


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How quickly time flies by. Your brats grow up and leave the nest.  Both Pixie and Beverly are highly successful people at this stage in their lives.

I’ll focus on Beverly tonight. When I first saw here Drivers License her photo looked like it was taken when she was in high school. The last time I saw it the photo looked like a woman of her ago.

She is a well known artist and designer here in Philadelphia. Her work has been used as props on the NETFLIX  program Stranger Things. There was a time when you could afford to buy her work and now you can’t. She was once on a program that followed ‘The Walking Dead’. She was always a fascinating human.

Hope you guys are still enjoying our way back Wednesday specials.


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