Sarah Gregory: A look back

Most of you know Sarah as one of the top spanking stars in the business. However, I remember her first few shoots in which she was very anxious and had very low pain tolerance. I some ways this worked our well as a little tap on the bottom made her kick and holler. People loved it.


Over time Sarah has become a true star in the business. Her pain tolerance is quite good.

 I shot one of my favorite videos with Sarah. It’s a little thing called Manipulation.

This was the first time that Sarah was spanked by a gentleman on camera.






This was a real discipline scene. You see, Sarah was due to have shot with us a few weeks before but returned from her tour of California with a sevrely bruised bottom. Such is life. If you work with Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda brusing may occur. The problem was that Sarah kept telling me that all was well with her bottom. I required that she send me a pic of her bottom and my goodness was that child marked up. This required a major change in our plans. Sarah was well spanked for her being less than honest. Sarah will always be a member of our family.

To see more of Sarah Click on the pic below

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2 Responses to “Sarah Gregory: A look back”

  • Mark:


    I rejoiced when I heard that you were going to spank Sarah. Sometime before that, I remember once writing on her blog page about a bikini photo set that she had posted. I told here that she was lovely, but due to her “no men” policy I didn’t enjoy the set as much as I would have had I been able to envision myself as her spanker. She responded that I could always fantasize, but I couldn’t . As long as she didn’t let men spank her, my mind would not allow me to create that fantasy.

    Flash forward a few years after you gave her a M/f initiation, and she has been spanked by several men and even does private spanking sessions with men. So while I may never spank Sarah in real life (although, who knows..), I can now fantasize about it.

    Tthanks for your part in making that possible. I feel sure that had Sarah not had someone she trusted completely to initiate her into M/f spanking, she might never have made that transition.


  • Over time, people develop. Sarah has come a very long way. I am very proud of her