Saturday’s Shoot: a trip to the woodshed for Charlie Skye

This past Saturday we shot a series entitled ‘ Family Swap’. This production is a parody of the television program ‘Wife Swap’. ( If you don’t watch it, it is not what you are thinking)

 Charlie played an entitled city girl sent to the middle of nowhere . A place where she is to do chores, like feed the chickens, clear bramble and chop firewood. ( Charlie did not know the term bramble). Out in the middle of this nowhere , she in under the care of a strict woman played by Veronica Bound.


                            ( Charlie Feeding the chickens)

The video was shot here at stately Pierson Manner.

Here are a few preview pics of Charlie’s trip to the woodshed.






Pixie, once again exhibiting , what John Waters describes as, good bad taste, wrote the story.

Pixie will post some previews pics soon.  You can stay tuned by clicking on the image of Charlie  and V below.

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6 Responses to “Saturday’s Shoot: a trip to the woodshed for Charlie Skye”

  • Tim:

    Nice to see young Charlie spanked again ,best,Tim.

  • I didn’t know this but pixie did a piece on this as well. Glad you like it Tim. This was shot at my house.

  • Dan:

    Oh man Charlie is one of my all time favorites. So glad to see her shooting for PB again. So wish I could have been there to watch her shoot.

    Is she a true spanko, David, or just more of an exhibitionist?

  • Dan , Charlie is..well it’s hard to say. She has worked with us for many years. Was but 19 the day she shot ” gotta have faith”‘ her first story for us. I’ve spanked her hard many times. Is she a lifestyler? I don’t think so.

  • Good to see the real Baltimore brat back … I had thought about getting her in when I was actually IN Baltimore last summer but had just run out of time, and I don’t think the rest of my family would have appreciated me buggering off yet again to film when I was there for a wedding 🙂

    One day near Philly was enough with 4 girls, my oh my!

  • Yeah..especially those girls.. I exclude Joelle from that remark.