Saturday’s shoot: How did we pull this one off?

 On Saturday the PB team produced a terrific video entitled ‘True Confession’, but how we did so is something of a miracle. Pixie and I looked like we were out of the cast of ‘ The walking Dead’. Well not that bad, Pixie’s always cute as hell, but she I and both felt awful. Pixie’s metabolic issue reared it’s nasty head, and I have been dealing with the aftermath of a blood clot to the lung.  Originally, the shoot was to have taken place the week before. I knew that I’d never make that. I figured, give me a week. I’ll be fine. That day prior to the shoot I said to my son ” I may have miscalculated”.  My son, who I will call Jay, but his real name is Brandon, made his video debut as Audrey’s boyfriend. In six years I have never missed a shoot. Once the time gets close, your owe it to the talent to go on with the show. They could have booked other projects. It was amazingly fortunate that everyone was able to shift one week. I produced this sucker from my hospital bed.

 While Pixie was physically infirm, her creative juices were flowing. She came up with the concept for this series. While I wrote the scripts, this was Pixie’s show. She knew excactly what she wanted.  So, she directed the series as well. Not to mention that she took all of the still photos too.  Audrey and Veronica were amazing.

Here are some sneak pics and commentary from Pixie:

Last Saturday we shot with Audrey and Veronica in a series called True Confessions in which Audrey shares some of her terrible misdeeds and punishments from her diary. Audrey said it felt like she was really reliving her naughty school days as she’d been known to get into quite a bit of trouble over the years.

How could such a cute girl be so much trouble??




There are five scenes of awesome spanking in this series. Poor Audrey felt the burn all of the way home. I know, as I drove her.

 Her series with Alexis Steele  ‘ The College Girl’ and the Nanny’ can be found on our website. Our fans have let us know how much they like that series.

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                                      To check out the DVD , which we put out early due to popular demand, click on this image.

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11 Responses to “Saturday’s shoot: How did we pull this one off?”

  • Kelly:

    Glad you guys made it through.
    THAT Audrey is soooo incorrigible isn’t she? 🙂 But Veronica is great at stealing brats’ sitting priveleges.

  • Audrey is a great brat! It was so good to see V. She looked like herself…dangerous.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    So you think you “miscalculated” eh? I could say something right now, but I won’t. 😛 After all, you just might send V out here to ply her talent.

    On another note, what was her reaction?

  • Oh, I miscalculated. I am still feeling mind of lousy. But I loved every second of our day. I love shooting.

  • Mark:

    Hope you and Pixie are both feeling better and thanks for your dedication to treating both your members and your talent well!


  • Hi mark, I love doing this. When one shoot is over, I look forward to the next

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Why does that not surprise me?

  • I love PB. I know of people in the industry who don’t like the shooting process. I love it. Recent collaborations with Pixie have been a joy. She sent tonight’s update out from her sick bed.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    I know, David. You just can’t stay away anymore than V can. 🙂 It shows, too, in the videos. I hope Pixie will be feeling better soon and as for you, just take care of yourself and you will be feeling better, too.

  • I love this. I love it more when I do the spanking, but directing is ok. I prefer onscreen work myself

  • tim:

    David hope you and lovely Pixie arebetter now ,i hope she regains her good health again please God ,best as always from ,Tim.