Saturday’s Shoot: lots of fun




Saturday was so much fun! We all laughed all day. The story is a about the spanking of a punk girl during the 1970’s . The crew consisted of Penny Stone, Veronica Bound, Audrey and me,


I was inspired to write this because of a recent alteration to Miss Stone’s head.






She is really sweet kid…not at all a punk. ¬†Everyone had a great time doing the 70’s thing despite the fact that I was the only one in the room who remembered the 70’s. ¬†Penny and Audrey weren’t born until much later. V was there, but was but a little person then.





Our poor punk girl had a nanny who didn’t go for that anarchy stuff.



IMG_9327_edited IMG_9365_edited IMG_9400_edited



Later the nanny convinced Daddy to take an active hand



penny11 penny12





There was a lot of goofing around too





V seemed to enjoy the similarity between Penny’s head and her lower landing strip.


Shortly after it seemed that we lost V.



penny4 penny5



Well, she got better





Penny was surprised







Penny lusted for Syd Vicious





When she couldn’t have him this was her response








It was a great day








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