Saturday’s Shoot

I am both excited and nervous about Saturday’s shoot. To pull off what I hope to will require lots of organization. If all goes well this will be a very different shoot. We will be featuring Gianna Love. I remember talking to her a couple of years ago. She wanted to shoot, but  had concerns about the nudity required. Reminds me of what Tara said to me about the same time.


Tara seems to have gotten over her shyness.

Almost all of our brats contacted us, rarely the other way.  I was thrilled when Gianna contacted me about shooting.  She seems perfect for the production I have in mind.



She tells me that she can take a very hard spanking. I wonder if she’s still shy?



I guess not.

Truthfully, she’s been very helpful in putting this together.

Wish me luck. Timing is everything with this one.

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