Saturday’s wonderful trip to the Mandie Zone: She ain’t askin for your approval





I often refer to Mandie as an adorable child and I know she hates that.  But, truth be told in the passage of life she is still much closer to the beginning than the end.  That being said, she is a brilliant young woman possessed of a special creative spirit.


The inspiration for Saturday’s shoot was this pic that Mandie posted a few months ago.







Loved the look so much that I approached Mandie about doing a project that she wanted to do.  It took a bit of time but we finally put this thing together. Much of it was a surprisingly  accurate insight into attitudes prevalent in the 1950’s. I say it’s a look back through the lens of ‘The Twilight Zone’.

Mandie wrote the stories and I did the screenplay. She also helped produce the production. We cast Audrey Sugarsmack and Dominik King.

This production was very edgy. Mandy is a proponent of porn feminism.    Fearless sexual expression and not asking for permission to live as she chooses.  She is close with Mr. King and Adriana Evans. This arrangement reminds me of  Punishedbrats days gone by when it was Rick , Pixie and me along with our large extended family.


I have conferred with other’s before. Most recently, Adriana Evans in the ‘Act Your Age’ series.





I’ve noticed something of a change in the attitudes of the brats that I’ve shot over the past two years. They possess this fearlessness that wasn’t present in the brats of our classic era.



I really love this about them all.


So let me show you a few pics from Saturday.



Spanked & Strapped by Mommy and Daddy
























Poor dear, got in late.



The following are from a story called ‘ Pin-Ups’, but it’s come to be called ‘ The perverted photographer’.
















Of course I had to spank Audrey for walking out on the perverted taker of pictures for enjoying himself too much.









These pics were taken by Mr. King as the cameras were rolling while he was our Photographer of perversion

























Then Mandie was in big trouble when her husband came home to find the house a mess, drinking tequila and  not having his glass of scotch ready. In fact, she forgot to go to the store and buy a new bottle.





Remember that Mandie wrote this:





The last scene of the day.


My thanks to Audrey, Dominick and, especially , Mandie . I know this will be a great series, provided I didn’t screw up.






9 Responses to “Saturday’s wonderful trip to the Mandie Zone: She ain’t askin for your approval”

  • IMLX:

    David, this series looks amazing!!! You have some awesome and wonderful people here too! I very much enjoyed seeing some of the photos from the set above when you posted them on Twitter late Saturday night and other ones here look ever more amazing.

    Projects like this should remind people why we all need to continue to support Punished Brats as you all work you butts off (Audrey and Mandie in the literal sense… lol) to provide quality entertainment and you deserve to be compensated for all your hard work.

  • Tim:

    Very nice you have talented lovely girls at Punished Brats who we are fond of ,best,Tim.

  • I’m thrilled with this series. I wonder if people got the approval reference?

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Approval? It looks like Mandie doesn’t need anyone’s approval for anything she does. It is a good place to be. I am hoping that more people will support your efforts to produce interesting scenarios. I think it helps when the gals put some effort into developing the stories. New ideas on previous themes give a fresh look to the scene. I look forward to this series. It is nice to see you in there, too. About time. 😉

  • Rod Serling: For your approval, tonight a man living without time

  • Tim:

    The spanks kept coming,best Tim.

  • Tim:

    Pretty girls ,best,Tim.