Self Spanking: a girl needs more than her vibrator ( what Bianca said when she engaged in self spanking)





Self Spanking





Bianca Rose and Audrey








Bianca’s mother was very upset with her slacking on her chores and the state of her room. She noted that if she were a little girl she’d get a spanking, but that ship had sailed. After her mother left, a curious Bianca wondered what it would feel like to be spanked at her age. Before she knew it, the tall redhead was spanking herself with the bath brush. She stated over her jeans, then, growing more daring, her panties. Finally she lowered her panties and lost herself in the experience. Unfortunately, she did not hear her mother coming and the poor woman was stunned at seeing her daughter engaged in this activity. Grabbing her daughter, she pulled her from the room to instruct her on what a real spanking feels like.



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Now a few video grabs





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Bianca Rose






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