Self Spanking & Spanked By Mom and The Contest: Confused? This is the entire movie too.




Well this was hard to put together. ‘ The Contest, Self-Spanking and Spanked by Mom’ was a commissioned project. Last week we presented the entire ” Contest ‘ story  but that was a bit incomplete.  Self Spanking & Spanked by Mom are part of the same project but different in tenner . How to present this?


Let me do this in reverse. We will begin with Self-Spanking and Spanked By Mom and move to ‘The Contest.’




1. Self Spanking –



Bianca’s mother was upset that she had yet to straighten up her room. “If you were younger I’d give you such a spanking!” Mom noted. This triggered curiosity in Bianca who forgot what a spanking felt like. She took a bath brush and started spanking herself over her pants, then finally removing them and getting lost in her activity- that is until her mother come to the door and witnessed this.



self2 self3 self4 self5 self6 self7 self8 self9 self10 self11 self12 self13 self14


Here are the sills from the movie



selfvg1_edited selfvg2_edited selfvg3_edited selfvg4_edited selfvg5_edited selfvg6_edited selfvg7_edited selfvg8_edited selfvg9_edited selfvg10_edited selfvg11_edited selfvg12_edited selfvg13_edited selfvg14_edited selfvg15_edited selfvg16_edited selfvg17_edited selfvg18_edited selfvg19_edited selfvg20_edited selfvg21_edited selfvg22_edited selfvg23_edited selfvg24_edited selfvg25_edited selfvg26_edited





  1. Spanked By Mom –








Dragged into the living room, Bianca now is reminded how a real spanking feels when she is taken over her mother’s lap for a bare bottom spanking.




mom1-2 mom1-3 mom1-4 mom1-5 mom1-6 mom1-7 mom1-8 mom1-9 mom1-10 mom1-11 mom1-12 mom1-13 mom2-1 mom2-2 mom2-3 mom2-4 mom2-5 mom2-6 mom2-7 mom2-8 mom2-9 mom2-10 mom2-11 mom2-12



Now a few stills from the movie



momvg1-1_edited momvg1-2 momvg1-2_edited momvg1-3 momvg1-3_edited momvg1-4 momvg1-4_edited momvg1-5 momvg1-5_edited momvg1-6 momvg1-6_edited momvg1-7_edited momvg1-8 momvg1-8_edited momvg1-9 momvg1-9_edited momvg1-10 momvg1-10_edited momvg1-11 momvg1-11_edited momvg1-12 momvg1-12_edited momvg1-13 momvg1-13_edited momvg1-14_edited momvg2-1 momvg2-1_edited momvg2-2 momvg2-2_edited momvg2-3 momvg2-3_edited momvg2-4 momvg2-4_edited momvg2-5 momvg2-5_edited momvg2-6 momvg2-6_edited momvg2-7 momvg2-7_edited momvg2-8 momvg2-8_edited momvg2-9 momvg2-9_edited momvg2-10 momvg2-10_edited momvg2-11 momvg2-11_edited momvg2-12 momvg2-12_edited momvg2-13 momvg2-13_edited momvg2-14 momvg2-14_edited




Now ‘The Contest’



1. Bianca’s handspanking –



Bianca was reading a spanking magazine when Audrey walked in and wanted it. After some friendly argument, the girls decided to settle the matter with a spanking contest. Bianca is the first to be spanked. Audrey was certain the Bianca would never survive round one of their contest. Despite the pain, the red haired girl, whose bottom is just a red as her hair, survived on determination. Now it was Audrey’s turn to receive her five minute hand spanking.



hand1-2 hand1-3 hand1-4 hand1-5 hand1-6 hand2-1 hand2-2 hand2-3 hand2-4 hand2-6 hand2-7 hand2-8


Now a few stills


handvg1-1 handvg1-2 handvg1-3 handvg1-4 handvg1-5 handvg1-6 handvg1-7 handvg1-8 handvg1-9 handvg1-10 handvg1-11 handvg2-1 handvg2-2 handvg2-3 handvg2-4 handvg2-5 handvg2-6 handvg2-7 handvg2-8 handvg2-9 handvg2-10




2. Audrey’s Handspanking –


Audrey thought that her ample bottom gave her an advantage in the spanking contest between she and Bianca. She had underestimated the power of the tall red head. After being spanked by the tall redhead, Audrey realizes that this contest will be difficult to win.


handspankingvg1-1 handspankingvg1-2 handspankingvg1-3 handspankingvg1-5 handspankingvg1-6 handspankingvg1-7 handspankingvg1-8 handspankingvg1-9 handspankingvg1-10 handspankingvg2-1 handspankingvg2-2 handspankingvg2-3 handspankingvg2-4 handspankingvg2-5 handspankingvg2-6 handspankingvg2-7 handspankingvg2-8



  1. Bianca’s Hairbrush Spanking –






Now that Audrey has survived her spanking, it’s time to move to the next portion of the spanking contest. It is Bianca’s turn to go over Audrey’s lap for a hairbrush spanking. Once the tall redhead felt the first whack of the brush she summoned all of her strength not to tap out or cry. It was all Bianca could do to keep from tapping out or crying, as Audrey spanked her bare bottom with the hairbrush. After the five minutes were completed, the tall red-haired beauty stool up, inspected the damage and then focused her attention towards Audrey. It was now her turn to feel the sting of that brush.



hairbrush1-2 hairbrush1-3 hairbrush1-4 hairbrush1-5 hairbrush1-6 hairbrush1-7 hairbrush2-1 hairbrush2-2 hairbrush2-3 hairbrush2-4 hairbrush2-5 hairbrush2-6


Now a few stills from the movie



hairbrushvg1-1 hairbrushvg1-2 hairbrushvg1-3 hairbrushvg1-4 hairbrushvg1-5 hairbrushvg1-6 hairbrushvg1-7 hairbrushvg1-8 hairbrushvg1-9 hairbrushvg1-10 hairbrushvg2-1 hairbrushvg2-2 hairbrushvg2-3 hairbrushvg2-4 hairbrushvg2-5 hairbrushvg2-6 hairbrushvg2-7 hairbrushvg2-8 hairbrushvg2-9 hairbrushvg2-10 hairbrushvg2-11 hairbrushvg2-12



4. Audrey’s Hairbrush Spanking –



Audrey reluctantly lowered her pants and went over Bianca’s lap. She was certain that the girl would have tapped out or cried by now. Audrey knows that it is her turn to feel the sting of that brush on her bare bottom. Audrey held on for dear life as she suffered under the sting of the hairbrush delivered with intensity by Bianca. Both girls agreed that crying from that point on would not lose one the contest.



brush1-2 brush1-3 brush1-4 brush1-5 brush1-6 brush1-7 brush1-8 brush2-1 brush2-2 brush2-3 brush2-4 brush2-5 brush2-6

Now a few stills from the movie


brushvg1-1 brushvg1-2 brushvg1-3 brushvg1-4 brushvg1-5 brushvg1-6 brushvg1-7 brushvg1-8 brushvg1-9 brushvg1-10 brushvg2-1 brushvg2-2 brushvg2-3 brushvg2-4 brushvg2-5 brushvg2-6 brushvg2-7 brushvg2-8 brushvg2-9 brushvg2-10 brushvg2-11



5. The Strap –



This contest has gone on longer than either Audrey or Bianca thought possible. They now move on to the strap to be delivered upon the bare bottom. Bianca is the first to feel the sting of the nasty implement.




strap2 strap3 strap4 strap5 strap6




Now a few stills




strapvg1 strapvg2 strapvg3 strapvg4 strapvg5 strapvg6 strapvg7 strapvg8








Audrey was now questioning who came up with this stupid contest; only to realize that she did. Now it’s her turn to face the sting of the strap. Bianca had a nasty plan to throw her opponent off. Strap her hard, then lightly touch her with the leather, then strike when Audrey was least expecting it. Will Audrey survive to the next round, or does Bianca have a win in her sights?



strap8 strap9 strap10 strap11 strap12



Here are a few stills


strapvg2-1 strapvg2-2 strapvg2-3 strapvg2-4 strapvg2-5 strapvg2-6 strapvg2-7 strapvg2-8 strapvg2-9 strapvg2-10 strapvg2-11



6. The Paddle –




Now this spanking contest had gotten to the heavy wood portion of the program. Bianca was the first to feel the bite of the school paddle. Audrey was determined to make her opponent tap out so she doesn’t need to suffer. Despite the fact that Bianca jumped with each whack of the implement, she never tapped out. Knowing full well that she is up next, all Audrey could do was look at the paddle in disbelief as if it had a flaw.





contest8 contest-paddle1-1 contest-paddle1-2 contest-paddle1-3 contest-paddle1-4 contest-paddle1-5 contest-paddle1-6

The Stills

contest-paddlevg1-1 contestpaddlevg1-2 contestpaddlevg1-2 contest-paddlevg1-2 contestpaddlevg1-3 contestpaddlevg1-3 contest-paddlevg1-3 contestpaddlevg1-4 contestpaddlevg1-4 contest-paddlevg1-4 contestpaddlevg1-5 contestpaddlevg1-5 contest-paddlevg1-5 contestpaddlevg1-6 contestpaddlevg1-6 contest-paddlevg1-6 contestpaddlevg1-7 contestpaddlevg1-7 contest-paddlevg1-7 contestpaddlevg1-8 contestpaddlevg1-8 contest-paddlevg1-8 contestpaddlevg1-9 contestpaddlevg1-9 contest-paddlevg1-9 contestpaddlevg1-10 contestpaddlevg1-10 contest-paddlevg1-10 contestpaddlevg1-11 contestpaddlevg1-11 contest-paddlevg1-11 contestpaddlevg2-1





After Audrey gave Bianca a hard paddling in an effort to end this contest, she attempted to hide the paddle behind her back, knowing that the tall redhead intended to do the same. Audrey pulled down her pants knowing that much pain was soon to follow. Bianca enjoyed making her friend shout out as the paddle landed upon Audrey’s naked bottom. Somehow, Audrey survived her torment, but if this contest had been scored on points, it is likely that Bianca would have won.




contestpaddlevg2-1 contestpaddlevg2-2 contestpaddlevg2-2 contestpaddlevg2-3 contestpaddlevg2-3 contestpaddlevg2-4 contestpaddlevg2-4 contestpaddlevg2-5 contestpaddlevg2-5 contestpaddlevg2-6 contestpaddlevg2-6 contestpaddlevg2-7 contestpaddlevg2-7 contestpaddlevg2-8 contestpaddlevg2-8 contestpaddlevg2-9 contestpaddlevg2-9 contestpaddlevg2-10 contestpaddlevg2-10 contestpaddlevg2-11 contestpaddlevg2-11 contestpaddlevg2-12 contestpaddlevg2-12 contestpaddlevg2-13 contestpaddlevg2-13 contestpaddlevg2-14 contestpaddlevg2-14 contestpaddlevg2-15 contestpaddlevg2-15 contestpaddlevg2-16 contestpaddlevg2-16 contestpaddlevg2-17 contestpaddlevg2-17 contestpaddlevg2-18 contestpaddlevg2-18 contestpaddlevg2-19 contestpaddlevg2-19 contestpaddlevg2-20 contestpaddlevg2-20 contestpaddlevg2-21 contestpaddlevg2-21 contestpaddlevg2-22 contestpaddlevg2-22 contestpaddlevg2-23 contestpaddlevg2-23 contestpaddlevg2-24 contestpaddlevg2-24




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