Serenity Spanked For Not Doing Her Chores


Serenity Spanked For Not Doing Her Chores


Serenity Rayne and  Skyler Grey


One morning Skyler, Serenity’s new stepmom, decided it was time to talk to her stepbrat about her failure to do her chores. Instead of remorse, all that Skyler heard from the girl was disrespect and excuses. Before she knew what was happening, Serenity found herself over stepmom’s lap as her stepmom proceeded to warm the seat of her PJ bottoms.

Unable to help herself, Serenity continued to sass back as she was being spanked. Soon, she was shocked as Skyler pulled down her PJ bottoms and continued the punishment on the seat of the brat’s panties. Still, Serenity persisted in engaging in verbal confrontation despite the fact that her bottom now hurt quite a bit. Suddenly, all resistance to her stepmom’s desires fell away as her panties were lowered and her spanked was now being delivered to her bare bottom.

Once her bottom was bared, Serenity lost all composure as her stepmom’s hand landed time and again. Serenity begged and pleaded for her punishment to be at an end, and from then on she would treat her father’s most recent wife with respect.

Unfortunately, her punishment did not end until Skylar was certain which of the two ruled the house. Once her spanking was at an end, Serenity’s humiliation was not over. She was lead to the corner and bent over a chair with her red bottom on display





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