She Can’t Drive 65

Hi fans!

I’m stepping in for David, today.


Tonight’s update is titled “She Can’t Drive 65″



Another great scene with the lovely Audrey. (  )


Audrey arrived home as the sun was rising after a night on the town; she was shocked to see her father waiting for her. Audrey, a well-known socialite, had taken her father’s sports car to impress her friends and she found it difficult to control. Unfortunately word got back to her father, who will give his fashionable daughter a tasteful, yet painful spanking.


Now, a few pics:





Some video grabs:






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2 Responses to “She Can’t Drive 65”

  • ZZtop:

    Audrey is so spankable.

    I hope everything is going to be ok for you David with the concussion-

    I enjoyed the last scene with audrey as spanked but i sorry for being so annoying and recurrent with this matter but as an MF fan, and a supporter of the site who buys memberships regularly. i hope to see some fo these new faces spanked hand-otk by you David, at least one time. Because i see that there is some lack of mf scenes in the last months when your site always has been very well balanced in this matter.

  • Tim:

    David you give our lovely Audrey sound spanks for reckless behaviour ,thanks for helping David ,who has stepped in ? is it Pixie ,best , Tim .