Shut Up And Spank- Live Or Die






Well this week was beyond awful sales wise.  I’m going to give this one last effort and see if we get the support we need. If not we will be gone by March 2018,


I’m not going to plead for support here. Many morons are entering the scene but will soon find the people want their titillation for nothing. To be honest if you want regular new material you need to support one of the very few of us left. PB’s new theme will be shut up and spank. Of course there are variations on that theme but this is what i wanted since our beginning and this is where we are going.



Shut Up and Spank


The Anxiety Of  The Girl Waiting




Amber Pixie Wells and Me






My Personal Favorite



Curfew Vilolation


Lily Page and Me




I’d have shown you more but it took to long to get it through. No Fucking idea why.


I had one sort of shoot ready when I could not contact the male lead (DK)  With this weeks disastrous sales I really didn’t care. I decided that if we need to end it will be doing material l that I wanted to do since our start. Booked a shoot near Halloween and hope to have a 2 girl shoot ny them.


Should you want us to stick around then we need your support.


We have never raised prices since day 1.


I have no sugar daddies or other supports  thus we rely on your support.  I know that I’ve done all that I can to keep this thing going, but should you not support us then we will be gone.



I know you know how to support us. Believe me I will not sell PB for material for pennies on the dollar. We go under all of PB goes away. I will retain the service of a DMCA agent to take down materiel that does not belong to any site but PB.


How can you help?

Just join us. A monthly membership is less than a night at the movies
$17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
$22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 6 Months – non-recurring – You may notice this deal too



Enough from me.


I do hope that you value us. If we go under unlike Nu-West on the tube sites we will go away, Nu-west is every fucking where. A clear act of piracy.










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