Skipday: a found Pixie video





Amber Pixie Wells and Veronica Bound





Pixie and Andy decided to spend the day watching movies instead of going to school. What they didn’t count on was for Pixie’s mother to come home unexpectedly. Andy was sent on her way, but Pixie, the head cheerleader, found herself over her mother’s lap for a spanking. The discipline started over her skirt, then panties, and finally her bare bottom. Once her punishment was over and her mother was about to drive her to school, Pixie asked if she could change, as her short uniform would reveal that she had been spanked. Her mother denied her request and grabbed Pixie by the arm as she lead her to the car. All Pixie could do was shout “Mom!”




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We have several more Pixie videos too. I think we will give her a break next week. Let me know if you are enjoying this.


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4 Responses to “Skipday: a found Pixie video”

  • Ash:

    I love seeing these older videos…this one is great :)

    Only regret is that Andi didn’t end up over mommy’s knee more often herself before she hit the big time 😉

    • admin:

      She did in other scenes..her first ever video was called ‘ Homework First or Paper or Concert”

      • Ash:

        Oh yes, that’s one of my all-time favorites 😀 I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all the vids you did with her, haha…just wish there had been more 😉 She made a great “daughter”.

        Keep up the good work :)